National Museum of Women in the Arts
Frances Bagley
April 07 1946 - present
Photograph of Frances Bagley, courtesy of the artist
Place of Birth:
Phonetic Spelling:
FRAN-sihss BAG-lee
Minority status:
White non-Hispanic
Work Type/Media:
Artistic Role(s):
Artist's Statement:
My primary intent is to convey energy and information through form and image. I use human and animal forms in response to issues of behavior, expression and social preconceptions of identity.

From 1989 to 1999, I worked on a concentrated series of human figures. Even though they made reference to a recognizable form, I worked as if they were abstract, with the conveyance of feeling through my own form as my motive. Often I referenced the metaphor of the human body to the vessel form. My abstract figures attempted to speak of the human spirit as an icon of human experience, although frozen outside of time.

My work is admittedly female. It is work about being female; made by a female. The content of my work is not about the inequality of the sexes or any feelings of oppression, but it is about the subtle underlying female psychology and physicality of being a woman. It speaks of grace and elegance, fragility and strength, contemplation and exuberance. I approach these issues formally and consider the work abstractly.

Statement courtesy of Frances Bagley

Other Occupation(s):
Director (Administration), Lecturer, Professor
Place(s) of Residence:
Where Trained/Schools:
North Texas State University, Denton, TX, USA (1978-1980) Yelland Pottery, Devon, England (1971-1972) Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA
Related Visual Artists:
student of Michael Leach
Fellowships, grants and awards:
Grant, Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation, Shelter Island, NY, USA (1995) Living Legend Award, Dallas Visual Art Center, Dallas, TX, USA (1995) Best of Show, North American Sculpture Exhibition, Foothills Art Center, Golden, CO, USA (1994)
Earliest exhibition:
Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, TX, USA (1975)
NMWA exhibition(s):
Texas Women
Artist retrospective(s):
Angst, 1993