National Museum of Women in the Arts
Marisa Tellería
September 25 1963 - present
Photograph of Marisa Tellería, courtesy of the artist
Place of Birth:
American, Nicaraguan
Phonetic Spelling:
mah-REE-sah teh-lair-EE-ah
Minority status:
Work Type/Media:
Multimedia (electronic, digital, video, film), Photography, Sculpture, Installation Art
Artistic Role(s):
Installation Artist, Mixed Media Artist , Multimedia Artist, Photographer, Sculptor
Assemblage , Conceptual Art, Minimalism, Other
Artist's Biography:
Marisa Tellería was born in Managua, Nicaragua in 1963, and at fifteen, moved to Miami, Florida with her family. In 1993 she graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She continued studying sculpture at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, from which she graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in sculpture in 1996.

Tellería's work reflects an interest in conceptual representation of perceptual experience. Using minimalist aesthetics for her objects and installations, she draws from her personal perception of light and space in images and fabricated surfaces that attempt to evoke similar experiences in her viewers. Working with a variety of materials ranging from fabric and styrofoam to plexiglas and fiberglass, Tellería's distils places, experiences, and broad conceptual subjects into elemental forms.

In her video installation MIA – JFK, she captures and shares the view of a flight from Miami to New York in a video shot from the window seat of a passenger plane. She also exhibited photographs of horizon-less sky which she limited to a small square format that alters the readability of these simple images. Tellería's work is widely varied, however, her installations are unified by their conveyance of perceptual experience that invites viewers to challenge what they perceive against reality. Her Dismembered Multiseat, a sculpture that appears to be an invitingly soft, cushioned piece of furniture, is actually constructed from fiberglass and hydrostone, a material comparable to plaster. By offering ironic juxtapositions of subject and material, Tellería entices viewers to imagine nonexistent tactile sensations, and to examine the moment between sight and experience.

Place(s) of Residence:
New York
Where Trained/Schools:
Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, USA (1994-1996) Florida International University, Miami, FL, USA (1989-1993)
Related Visual Artists:
influenced by Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Earliest exhibition:
Departing Perspectives, Espirito Santo Bank Project, Frederic Snitzer Gallery, Miami, FL, USA (1998)
NMWA exhibition(s):
Transitory Patterns: Florida Women Artists
Getting Wet, 1999