National Museum of Women in the Arts
Rimma Gerlovina
February 21 1951 - present
Photograph of Rimma Gerlovina, courtesy of the artist
Place of Birth:
Phonetic Spelling:
REE-mah guhr-LOH-vee-nah
Work Type/Media:
Drawings and prints, Photography
Artistic Role(s):
Photographer, Printmaker
Conceptual Art
Artist's Statement:
We use our art to map the inner space, and at the same time, to coax allegories of life from beneath the surface of physical reality. In the pursuit of “perhappiness” in life, we tend to follow our feelings, not the instinct;
To follow our mind, not the feelings;
To follow our intuition, not the mind.
Amid all kinds of wonders, it is a process of finding the articulation for the soul.

Statement courtesy of Rimma Gerlovina

Place(s) of Residence:
New York
Where Trained/Schools:
Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia (1968-1973)
Related Visual Artists:
wife of and collaborated with Valeriy Gerlovin
Earliest exhibition:
La Nuova Arte Sovietica, Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy (1977)
Artist retrospective(s):
Photoglyphs, New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, LA, USA (1993)
Be-Lie-ve, from portfolio, "Still Performances"