National Museum of Women in the Arts
Anne Redpath
March 29 1895 - January 07 1965
Photograph of Anne Redpath at the Edinburgh College of Art Revels, 1952, unknown photographer. Courtesy of the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Place of Birth:
British – Scottish
Phonetic Spelling:
an REHD-path
Work Type/Media:
Artistic Role(s):
Landscape Painter, Painter, Still life Painter, Watercolorist
Artist's Biography:
Anne Redpath was born the daughter of a tweed designer in Galashiels, Scotland in 1895. While attending Hawick High School, Redpath’s talent as an artist was recognized by her teacher John Gray who encouraged her to continue her education in art. Redpath’s parents, however, did not consider art a viable career and insisted that she consider other options. In 1913, Redpath and her parents reached a compromise, and she enrolled at the Edinburgh College of Art and the Moray House College of Education where she became certified as a teacher.

At the Edinburgh College of Art, Redpath excelled in landscape and still life painting. She received a travel scholarship in 1919 that funded trips to Brussels, Bruges, Paris, Florence, and most importantly, Siena, where she was introduced to works by the Sienese Primitive painters.

In 1920, Redpath married James Beattie Michie, an architect with the War Graves Commission, and moved to Northern France. During the next fourteen years, she committed most of her time to raising her three sons while still exhibiting sporadically in both France and Scotland. While some perceived this period as an obstruction to a career that seemed to be rapidly advancing prior to her move to France, Redpath believed that as an artist, she required memories and experiences in order to paint, and the experiences she accumulated raising her family would fuel her work when she began painting again.

Due to political unrest in France and Italy, Redpath and her family returned to Scotland where she continued her artistic career. She was elected a Professional Member of the Society of Scottish Artists and in 1944 became President of the Scottish Society of Women Artists. Her membership in a number of other artists' societies continued throughout the 1940s, and in 1952 Redpath was elected Academician of the Royal Scottish Academy. She also continued to travel throughout Europe. Her 1951 trip to Spain greatly influenced her work, and she began painting colorful scenes of Spanish villas, ornate altars, and figures in daily activities. Her brushwork became much looser, her colors deepened, and critics noted a hint of Expressionism in her later works. After a life of travel, family, and artistic success, Redpath died in Edinburgh in 1965.

Other Occupation(s):
Place(s) of Residence:
Pas de Calais
Where Trained/Schools:
Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland (1913-1918) Moray House College of Education, Edinburgh, Scotland (1913-1917)
Related Visual Artists:
wife of James Beattie Michie student of Robert Burns student of Henry Lintott student of D.M. Sutherland influenced by F.C.B. Cadell influenced by Pierre Bonnard influenced by Édouard Vuillard
Fellowships, grants and awards:
Member, Royal Society of British Artists, London, England (1946-1953) President, Scottish Society of Women Artists, Edinburgh, Scotland (1944-1947) Post-Diploma Travel Scholarship, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland (1919)
Earliest exhibition:
Saint-Omer, France (1921)
NMWA exhibition(s):
Four Centuries of Women's Art: The National Museum of Women in the Arts
Artist retrospective(s):
Anne Redpath 1895-1965, National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, Scotland (1996-1997) Memorial Exhibition, Scottish Arts Council, Edinburgh, Scotland (1965)
Related places
Edinburgh (died at)
Altar in Venice