National Museum of Women in the Arts
Agnese Udinotti
January 09 1940 - present
Photograph of Agnese Udinotti, courtesy of the artist
Place of Birth:
American, Greek
Phonetic Spelling:
an-YAY-zee oo-dee-NOH-tee
Minority status:
White non-Hispanic
Work Type/Media:
Books and manuscripts, Drawings and prints, Painting, Sculpture
Artistic Role(s):
Book Artist, Bronze Worker, Painter, Printmaker, Sculptor
Abstract Expressionism , Other
Artist's Statement:
Dark images, painted with strength and controlled emotion. These semi-destroyed figures, eaten away from emotional erosion, appear like silhouettes from another era, perhaps imprisoned emotions and the souls of the departed ones. Images that speak with silence, that walk in immobility that penetrate the skin to touch the soul. They are human shadows, ambiguous, momentary, moving in and out of existence. Images painted with precision, erased afterwards, like symbols of human negation, of the impermanence of life and human emotion. And even when the images appear in pairs, as portraits of the same soul, emerge from a dark background; base of a dangerous unknown. But, even though the first appearance of these images depicts darkness, there is a trace of delicate lines, forming precise profiles of figures full of pride and gentleness, expressing a nature of strength and fragility. A nature that accepts and wins life through acceptance.

Statement courtesy of Agnese Udinotti

Other Occupation(s):
Editor, Poet, Writer, Gallery Owner
Place(s) of Residence:
Where Trained/Schools:
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA (1959-1963)
Related Visual Artists:
friend of Gretchen Wachs friend of Dorothy Rissman friend of Rudy Turk friend of Carl Dahl friend of Jeff Bertoncino
Fellowships, grants and awards:
Honorary Degree (Timis Enaiken), Guild of Greek Artists, Athens, Greece (1976) Sculpture Prize, Scottsdale Fine Arts Festival, Scottsdale, AZ, USA (1974) Honorable Mention, Sixth Arizona Annual, Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, AZ, USA (1964)
NMWA exhibition(s):
Book as Art I
Book as Art II
Three Generations of Greek Women Artists: Forms, Figures and Personal Myths
Artist retrospective(s):
Agnese Udinotti, New Forms Gallery, Athens, Greece (2000) Thirty Year Evolution, Udinotti Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ, USA (1997)
Totem Stele No. 8, 1974
Totem Stele No. 8